Working out of San Marcos and Austin Texas, Jacqueline Overby recently graduated from Texas State University's College of Fine Arts with her BFA in Studio Art.

In her work, Overby generates conversations about her struggles in relation to mental stressors. Having a history of ADHD, anxiety, and depression, she draws inspiration from the shared experiences, cynicisms, and trauma of her family, herself, and environment. Overby's work gives the viewer the opportunity to confront these issues that are often overlooked, ignored, or too easily accepted. Recently she has come to view the process of creating these experiences as a sort of cathartic outlet for her emotional energies.

Her most recent body of work is an amalgamation of painting, performance, and installation. Influenced by the multidisciplinary artist Olivier de Sagazan, Overby delves into the genre of Japanese Butoh dance and draws from the meditative processes of such artists as Paul McCarthy and Marina Abramovic.

Creating an enclosed environment of plastic sheeting, she video documents her performances, from which she selects chosen still shots to develop the active compositions of her paintings. In her performances, Overby works to disfigure her own persona and take on that of another. She covers her face and body with clay. She physically builds up facial characteristics, devolving into an animalistic, visceral state, and exploring the base “id” level of her consciousness. Overby meditates on the concept of a descent down into the depths and darkness of ones self: of one's own death and rebirth as something foreign. Often concentrating on the idea of a mother in duress, Overby sometimes imagines the earth as mother, and how she would feel. Memories from past traumatic experiences such as psychological abuse, rape, and substance abuse also serve as fuel for her performances. Overby considers this work to be a performative reaction from her deep subconscious to her own irrational anxieties, further exaggerated by the recent irrational sociopolitical climate.

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